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Interested in Papua New Guinea as a holiday destination, and want to make a travel arrangement, you will be most likely to wonder who to book with. PNG is geographically wide, climate pattern varied from place to place, and communication is not easy. When you send e-mail to hotels for booking, you may receive response in a week time if you are fortunate.

We, as PNG based tour specialist, can select best tour/accommodation according to your choice, budget and seasonality, and respond promptly. We take care of our valuable guests while you are in the country - meet you from the arrival, monitor your flight/itinerary and give you assistance when necessary, and farewell you at the doorstep.

Please Explore our website, ask our consultant, choose your best tour, and book with us, visit and Explore the Paradise - Papua New Guinea. (in a good sense!!) Lukim Yu long PNG!

2010 FIT Scheduled Tour


Mask Festival

* 10 Nights Round Trip including Coastal, Highlands & Islands * Relax at coastal resort in Madang * Visit Asaro Mudman in Goroka * Overland Tour in Highlands from Goroka to Mt Hagen

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Goroka Show

* 10 Nights Round Trip including Sepik River, Coastal & Highlands * Sepik River Canoe Safari * Relax at coastal resort in Madang * Overland Tour from Madang to Goroka via Highlands Highway * Annual Goroka Show

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After the marine activities, we have done a nature walk from the tip of the island to the Guest House. Mioko Island is where Queen Emma has set up her first plantation in 1878 and remains of her resident & Pool can still be seen in the jungle.